Sam Kow Tong Temple, chinese temple near KL monorail station

This is probably one of the most ignored chinese temple in Kuala Lumpur. At least, to me it is. I must have passed by this temple numerous times every time I make a stopover in KL and stay nearby for its convenience to KL Sentral. And not once did I even make an attempt to take a look inside. It doesn’t help that the temple faces the other direction and the only thing you see on the “main road” is the red back wall of the building. Well, I finally did go in the other day.

The name of the temple is Sam Kow Tong which means “three teachings”.

The only information that I could find was from Lonely Planet, so I’m going to copy it piecemeal here to save you the trouble. I’m so kind, but you don’t have to thank me.

Established in 1916 by the Heng Hua clan, the ‘three teachings’ temple has a beautiful Hokkien-style temple roof, with graceful curving ridgelines that taper at the ends like swallowtails. The colourful rooftop dragons, and other figures, are actually three-dimensional mosaics, another traditional decorative feature of southern Chinese temples (though these are new works). Inside look for photos of the original temple, a simple timber-frame structure with a thatched roof.

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Since I didn’t find the temple very interesting, I only took one photo, but dragons seem to be the highlight, so I have taken the liberty to enlarge some of the dragons for your viewing pleasure. Again, I’m so kind.

More photos can be found at Borneotip

My ratings: *

If you are staying nearby, why not drop by? It’s literally just around the corner

Opening hours:


Entrance fee: free

Getting there:

Go behind the KL Sentral Monorail Station, walk left, and turn right once you see the red brick wall. The street is called Jalan Thambipillai


There is a great kopitiam (restaurant) at the end of the street. Food there is amazing, especially the bbq pork rice, wantan mee, and of course, one of the best popiahs I have ever eaten, with just the right crunchiness.


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